Say what you will about the candy commercialism of Hallowe'en, but I just met every last person on my street. Each one ooh'd and ah'd over how cute my kids are (and they are) as they dropped fistfuls of yum into their bags. One house was even doling out shots of rum to weary parents.

And, it was (and still is) a beautiful, starry night. Just a bit of chill. The furnace just kicked in and the rads are starting to make that warming up sound.

Cape Bretoners have a thing for fireworks at Hallowe'en. I keep hearing the pops and bangs. I watched a stream of them out my back window a few minutes ago as I finished up the supper dishes.

The girl's asleep, and the boy's nearly with her. I think it's time to cull out the candy that's not good for them.

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