Part IV: A New Hope

An amazing few moments of silence while the kids sleep. It almost seems like I've got the house to myself. Mumma E's accross the street at a costume party with all of our new neighbours. She's dressed up like a moose. Funny, she makes the antlers sexy somehow.

We're attending this party in shifts. She wandered over about half-an hour ago with a beer tucked in her coat pocket and a plate of pate under her arm. Again, sexy.

She'll be back any second. Then I get to sport the moose hat and make an appearance. I know it's useful to make an effort at these things in the early days of a new place, but damn, I hate mingling. Normally, I have a baby in my arms to shield me from small talk. Tonight, I fly solo.

Ah, the anters and beer will help.

I think I've got a few minutes left to myself. Might get a few rounds done on the hat I've been knitting.


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