Old Man and Nanny

I was up late last night tending to Henry's cold. It dropped into his chest and he had several terrific coughing fits. It's abated today, but it was pretty lousy in the wee hours.

I couldn't get to sleep after the 2am bout, so I invented a new comic book.

It's called Old Man and Nanny (note to Upper Canadians: "Nanny" is the Maritime equivalent of "Grandma".)

Old Man and Nanny are the super heroes. They reside in the Home of Justice (Old Man: "It's a Seniors' Complex!")

Like all good super heroes, they are reluctant in their roles. They'd much prefer to be playing bingo or watching Wheel of Fortune.

But defend the world they must. (I'm not sure what sort of plots they unfurl, but I'm thinking the pigeons are missing from the park and they are not happy about it. Also, can someone close a window or something? Where is that draft coming from?)

Nanny wields a walker with light sabre-like awesomeness.

The bad guys are Man Boy and Mother. They're married, but Man Boy's relationship to his spouse is better defined by her name than their legal status.

They command a small army of Reluctant Teens ("Aw Dad, do I HAVE to pour anthrax into the city's water supply?). They slouch a lot.

Ok. I'm going to hell.

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