one brave little leaf

The much-hyped storm is mostly over now. Noel was supposed to bare down with full strength at just before midnight last night. I remember waking up around 3 thinking he was pretty wussy.

But he was just holding off. The big show didn't start until about 5AM, and that's when the baby and I got up to watch.

Cape Breton escaped the brunt of it, and we managed to keep our power on, but what a show. After pancakes this morning, the four of us curled up in a couple of chairs that we dragged to the front window.

The sustained winds weren't much to write home about, but the gusts were pretty dramatic. All the wires on our street were dancing polkas. The trees did their little shimmy shims too.

In the end, it wasn't so bad. It's over but for a few gusts.

I was pretty sure this was the storm that would strip the maple tree in our backyard of her pretty red leaves. I was mostly right. There's one brave little leaf still flapping away.

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Unknown said...

PS - That leaf held on for another two weeks. It outlived another couple of fair gusts of wind.

It released on a calm day, on it's own terms.