Retirement 2

Jane woke up around 4:30 the other morning, but I managed to get her back to sleep by walking her around the living room. Once she was out, I realized I couldn't put her down. I sat in an arm chair and tried to get a bit of rest.

Couldn't sleep. I didn't have a book within arm's reach, so I let my mind once again visit that happy place: retirement.

This time, Erin and I retire to an 11-acre farm in the Kennebecasis valley. Probably somewhere around Norton.

I love that part of NB. When we left Saint John for good, we drove past it as we sped along the Trans Canada. God, it's gorgeous.

In my daydream we've got this little place just outside of Norton. Nothing too fancy. Erin and I work about 2 acres for a market garden. I also keep a couple of sheep, a coop-full of chickens and a small loft of pigeons. We sell what we can at the Kingston Farmers Market (not the pigeons, they're for fun).

Winter, we keep pretty quiet. Lots of knitting, writing and general creative mischief.

I don't think much about travel. I've lived in enough places to realize one place is as good as another.

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Fuerst said...

Some god forsaken island in the Adriatic and a small village where Michelle and I own a bookstore. We'll come visit.