Saturday sleep-ins, toddies, old friends and chopsticks

The kids didn't wake up this morning until 20 after six. I couldn't believe it. Jane normally gets me up in the 5-5:30 range. This week it was more like 4-4:30.

6:20 is heaven.

To make it even better, a nearly-rested Erin took the kids downstairs while I kept my lazy ass in bed for an extra 20 minutes. Such luxuries are rare in this house.

Today was the Santa Claus Parade in Sydney, which Henry has been looking forward to for weeks. It began at 11, which gave us lots of time to eat a pre-breakfast at home before sauntering into town to try out a greasy spoon.

It was windy and cold. Probably the coldest day yet this season. Erin was worried about how little Jane would fare, and I remembered her amauti (mother's parka we bought in Iqaluit with a special pouch to keep baby in). It worked wonderfully. Jane was toasty in there for nearly 3 hours.

Breakfast was nice. Fish cakes with lotsa onions.

The parade was nice too. Every city's is different. Saint John's is loooong and loud. Iqaluit's is spontaneous and informal. Sydney's is.. nice. Lasted about an hour. Every little burg in the area sent a firetruck. Henry loved it.

I was so chilled by the time we got home that I put the kettle on for tea. Erin, bless her, had the wisdom to make toddies instead. Little spears of warmth shot through me to all the right spots.

Henry had a pal over tonight. K is a year older and lives two doors over. They seem to really like each other, but at 3 and 4, that's mostly manifested in chasing, pushing and occasionally brutally attacking. Henry got a chopstick jabbed in his eye at one point. K got a kick to the head in return.

Mid-visit, we got a call from an old northern friend (GYL). We served that man a big, greasy breakfast every Saturday for a year. He would show up, often hung over, with a tale of woe and lost love from the night before. He's great with our kids, and lives (for better or worse) his life out loud. Right now he's touring the country visiting friends. We're lucky enough to be on the list. Can't wait to see him.

Amazingly, Erin had a dream about him last night. She's been having a series of dreams where she's a guest at a big, elaborate wedding. She runs into old friends, and last night it was GYL's turn. Funny coincidence.

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