storm's a comin'

So seal the submarine and batten the hatches.
-Benn Ross

What's left of Hurricane Noel is just a few hours away from Nova Scotia. After supper, they're saying the wind will be gusting up to 90km/h, and by the time we go to bed, that's supposed to be more like 120.

The only time I've experienced wind like that was a huge blizzard in Iqaluit our first spring there. The strongest gusts topped out at about 118.

I remember seriously worrying about whether our building was going to blow over. The whole place was shaking.

This old place seems pretty sturdy, so I'm more excited than worried. We're stocked with candles and Hallowe'en candy rations in case anything too horrible happens. There's also the fireplace....

See you on the other end.

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