Luke and Darth

Santa brought Henry a couple of Star Wars action figures. Henry always gets to be Luke, I'm always Darth Vader. Here's a typical exchange:

Luke: I'm shooting you with my blaster, Darth. pshew! pshew!

Darth: Woa woa woa. I'm your dad. Can we call a truce?

L: What's a truce?

D: It's where we agree to not shoot each other for a while.

L: Ok. Can we shoot aliens?

D: Sure.

L&D: pshew! pshew!

D: pshew! So, uh, Luke, what do you do when you're not shooting your blaster?

L: pshew! I like to sword fight with my light sabre. pshew!

D: That's cool.

L&D: pshew! pshew!

D: I've been experimenting with Japanese cooking.

L: What's that?

D: Oh, you know. Miso soup. Rice. Fish. Simple things, really.

L: Darth! Look! Aliens!

D: Let's get 'em!

L&D: pshew! pshew! crash! pshew!

D: Good one, Luke.

L: Thanks, Darth.

D: (starts making the Darth Vader breathing sounds)

L: What are you doing?

D: Oh this? It's my respirator.

L: What's a respirator?

D: A bionic implant that helps me breath. (makes the sounds) See?

L: I don't like that. Breath normal.

D: Ok. (inhale) Wow, that's much better. Aliens!

L: pshew! pshew!

D: So, do you do anything to unwind at the end of the day?

L: I like dogs.

D: Oh really? Any specific breed?

L: I have a big dog named Doggo.

D: That's great. Do you train him?

L: Yes. To bite aliens.

D: Fantastic. You've got to have a hobby. If your whole life is wrapped up in the intergalactic struggle between Empire and Rebels, you go crazy. You've got to keep your work and home life separate. Know what I mean?

L: I do.

L&D: pshew! pshew!

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