2007 is done?

A brief review:

Knit a pair of mitts, a pair of socks, two hats and a scarf.

Competed for a job and lost it.

Competed for another job and got it.

Said good-bye to my dog (ah, Murph. That spot on the couch will always be yours) .

Knocked up the wife.

Taught Jane to walk.

Taught Henry to ask questions (this, I sometimes regret).

Taught Henry about Star Wars (questions about Luke Skywalker are ok).

Left a city I loved.

Moved to a city I knew nothing about.

Learned to love a new city.

Sold a house.

Bought a house.

Said good-bye to crappy neighbours.

Said hello to the universe's best neighbours (on both sides, mind you).

Continued to be amazed by the grace, talent, patience, creativity and sexiness of my wife.

Cleaned the litter box at least once (I think).

Started a blog.

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