almanac 8

-13 on my walk to work this morning. I reveled in the perfect coldness. The air was still. The sky was clear. The smoke from chimneys rose into slow clouds above the houses in my neighbourhood.

My only wish was that it was -30. Now there's a temperature.

I'm trying to ignore the forecast for tonight. "Rising Temperatures" (read: kids and cats won't sleep a wink) and freezing rain. Give me Iqaluit weather any day (except in the Fall).


Serf City said...

Why don't your kids or cats sleep when temperature rises? My cats stay awake when the moon is full, or close to it...

Unknown said...

I don't know why, but it happens. We've had this funny weather over the past month where it'll be cold during the day, like, -6 or colder. Then a warm front comes through in the night and the tem rises to well above zero by morning.

Without fail, the kids sleep horribly and the cat spends the whole night running up and down the stairs chasing imaginary mice.

Full moons, new moons and "Rising Temperatures".. drives kids and cats crazy.