Grandma, demoted

Henry's best friend/nemesis is a 4-year old named Kinnon. He lives a couple of doors down from us. I like Kinnon a lot. He's very smart, very aggressive and has very little self control. He's the only person I know who can hug violently.

The other day he woke up before the crack of dawn and called his grandma out in Louisboug. It was very early. Grandma was not quite awake.

Grandma: Erm, hello?

Kinnon: Grandma, you're not the boss of me, you know.

Grandma: Kinnon? Is that you.

Kinnon: Mum and Dad are my bosses. You better stop trying to boss me. (click)

This is why we haven't yet taught Henry to use the phone. I'm convinced he would use it for evil.

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