Onion Rings

I hate morning sickness.

Mostly I hate it because there's almost nothing I can do to help Erin through it. The poor thing.

Food disgusts her. Thinking of food makes her sick. The cure for the sick is food. But food disgusts her.

Erin has always been the world's best eater. She could eat a meal of tofu, kale, beets and kamut toast slathered with tahini and still wonder if she should heat up a side dish of peas (because she's light on the green vegetables).

When she's pregnant, she craves junk. She's been avoiding the Sobey's downtown because it's right beside an A&W. I think she's afraid that she might (gasp) buy and eat something.

I believe her body craves this stuff because it's telling her she needs it. Building humans isn't light work. It requires fuel. And if the fuel required just happens to include a sack of onion rings, damn it, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make with her. Hell, we're in this together.

Do it for the baby, Erin.

Update: we went. It was fabulous.

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a said...

i love this! do it for the baby! do it for each other! teehee! you two are cute!