my Saturday morning girl

For the last three Saturday's mornings, I've had Jane all to myself. We call a cab and do the week's grocery shopping while Erin and Henry got to the farmers' market.

I realize the Sydney River Stupidstore isn't the most fun place to have a date with your 18-month old daughter, but I like it. She babbles from her little perch in the cart while I push it up and down the same aisle over and over (I'm lousy at navigating that place). She's fantastic at making friends. I get to be the guy with the pretty baby.

"You were supposed to remind me to get frozen berries!" I'd say.

"Bee bo. Ya, Daddy."

She loves when I get the list out and consult her on what we have left to get.

"Ok, we've got bread -"


"But we still need eggs."


Erin called me yesterday at work to propose we do our Stupidstore shopping that night so we could all go to the farmers' market together today. I think I surprised her by saying 'no.' I do love the market, and I enjoy the sense of community there. I've just come to love this weekly date.

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"The Book of Don" said...

love your blog....I miss those moments with my little seedlings.

one of my favourite memories is when I'd take my daughter, Aleana (now at McGill) for early morning walks in the backpack....she'd chirp "Dat ! Dat ! Dat ! when she saw something that interested her, and pull my ears to steer me.