Don't tell anyone...

Henry's been doing some fine work in the potty-training department. My only real complaint is he takes so dang long on the toilet. He'd sit there for hours, if you'd let him.

It wasn't really a problem until last night. He was just nicely settling in for a marathon session when Erin's bladder started ringing alarms. Pregnant chicks, apparently, can't wait as long as you or I in that department. She was pretty desperate.

The good news is, we now know the kids' potty is strong enough to support the weight of an adult.

The bad news is, well, now YOU know about it (ah, blogging).


Anonymous said...

What's "love" got to do with it?
- jo

Anonymous said...


Funny how emotional potty training is. We are just weaning Dannika from her comfort rituals during her own marathon sessions: when she has to 'go' she runs around screaming, 'help me get ready! help me get ready!" Which translates: I need my books, my blanket, my dolls and my stool - only then does she settle down for a good half hour, sometimes longer, session with her books and the toilet. Nice break for parents I suppose, but not so good if you are pregnant...

Oh and I would argue that if she's hatching her third egg, she might be considered a hen, not a chick, if you are into the fowl-female comparatives, or maybe she would prefer pregnant bear comparatives, of course that brings to mind the whole grumpiness/don't mess with a mama bear issue and Erin is too damn sweet for that to be believable. Really don't know what a suitable animal would be for accurate Erin comparisons.

Does this also prove your short post/response ratio?


a said...

hooray for poop!