Name That Baby

Talking about what to name your first baby is lots of fun. The endless possibilities. The lure of creativity. And the all-powerful urge not to name it something popular.

Henry is a good strong name, I think. Known, but not common. Easy to spell. Waldeny.

Talking about what to name your second baby is kinda fun. The endless possibilities (minus one). The lure of creativity. But.. suddenly half the names you liked last time sound totally lame. After about a week, you get tired of the discussion. And besides, the first baby needs its diaper changed.

Jane is a good strong name, I think. Known, but not common. Easy to spell. It's my sister's name. It makes me feel very nice to have another one of her around.

Talking about what to name your third baby is a drag. The stupid endless possibilities. The stupid lure of creativity. The first baby is bashing the second baby on the head. The phone is ringing. You can't find a clean pair of socks. "I thought you did laundry." "Oh yes, because that's my job, isn't it?" "Of course it's not your job. I just.. work.. need.. socks..."

Can you please name our baby for us? Something good and strong. Something known, but not common. Something easy to spell.

Leave your ideas in the comments. And no, I don't know if it's a girl or a boy.


a said...

hmmmm...i'll have to think about this one....what first comes to mind is

alexis (i once had a stuffed animal that i named alexis. now i have an almost-eight-year-old sister named alexis. i like it.)

aiyanna (not easy to spell...i don't even think i spelled it correctly. pronounced: eye-yahna. it's lovely to say.)

austin (for a girl or boy...maybe more for a boy. i'm focused on 'a' names right now. easy to spell. don't mess with texas, and all.)

nature names are nice, too:
stone, rain, etc. though baby three may get teased.....

hmmm...will have to think more on this......

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why, but Edward and Matilda is what came to mind...

Anonymous said...

Michelle says Vedran is a nice boy's name. It means "bright skies" and we made a good friend named Vedran in Croatia.

Bronctoon said...

Bronctoon if it's a boy.

Blanch if it's a girl.

J. said...

Oh, this is so easy:

Josh II.