New glasses!

One morning about two years ago, Henry decided to do me a favour. He woke up before me and fetched my glasses from the bedside table.

"Here are your glasses, Daddy!"

I opened my eyes and saw he had them in two hands. My poor, precious, nerd glasses. Snapped in half.

I'd wanted them for years. Black, plastic-framed glasses. As soon as I got my job with my first-ever health plan, I went out and bought them. And there they were. Broken between the eyes.

Of course I wasn't mad. He was barely 18-months old. The sentiment alone deserved a big hug. I still had my old, scratched pair that I'd bought years before. They were... fine.

I finally today got around to picking out a new pair. I decided not to go back to the nerd frames; I don't think I could pull them off anymore. I opted instead for a pair of NASA Control Room Glasses. Black arms and top. No frames on the bottom.

Houston, we have glasses. Store them well out of reach, over.

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Unknown said...

A review of some old pictures shows I wasn't pulling the glasses off at the time either. Henry did me a favour.