No. No. Mine!

Henry's best pal in the world is a black, stuffed dog named Creamy.

Correction: Henry's best pal in the world is a real dog named Creamy.

We've tried hard to not make any one toy belong to one kid. Creamy is one of very few exceptions. Jane knows (and Henry reminds her often) Creamy is off limits.

Last night, Henry and Erin were upstairs while Jane and I read some books on the couch. Mid-way through, Jane realized Creamy was sitting beside her. She picked him up.


"That's right. Creamy's not yours."

She pointed to the stairs. "Nenny."

"Yes. Henry's dog."

She put Creamy down. "No."

"Good job, Jane. Creamy isn't yours."


"Yes. He's a dog."


"Henry's dog, yes."

She paused, leaned forward, looked at the stairs, made sure Henry was definitely not coming down.

She snatched Creamy back into her arms for a desperate hug.


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