"Um - I guess - thank you."

Poor Erin is exhausted. Both kids are still getting over their colds. The fever and chills finally caught me today. Nobody is sleeping.

And, oh yes, she's 5-months pregnant.

I had a work buddy over last night for supper. Rob is one of those guys who is excellent at simultaneously entertaining the kids and adults. Just before he left at the end of the night, he ran out to his truck to grab a hat that's too big for him. He handed it to me, I tried it on. It fit perfectly.

"Keep it," he said.

Erin, by this time, was sitting on the couch trying not to look tired.

"Wow," she said. "What do you say to Rob?"

It wasn't until after the words left her mouth she realized I wasn't a three-year old. I laughed very hard.

This morning I made sure to tell Rob she was embarrassed and sorry she gave him the wrong impression of our relationship.

"Sorry? That was the best joke of the night!"


megan said...

I found you through a "peek inside the fish bowl". I am from Cape Breton and live in Leamington (well that is where the cottage is, I actually live in Chatham). My mom was from Dominion and Dad from the Sydney Pier. I just thought it was kind of funny that we have opposite lives and read the same blogs.

a said...

erin made me giggle. that's a cute story! i'm still repeating it in my head and giggling, "wow! what do you say to rob?" teehee. cuties.