"Yef!" A morning conversation with Jane


Me: Jane? Are you awake?

Jane: Yef.

Me: Do you want to go downstairs so we don't wake up Henry and Mummy?

Jane: Yef!

Later, after trying to make breakfast for 20 minutes with Jane on my hip.

Me: Can I put you down?

Jane: No, Doddy.

Me: Please?

Jane: No, Doddy.

Me: What if I put the foot stool at the sink so you can play in the water?

Jane: Yef!

Even later, after much splashing and giggling and no Mummy or Henry.

Me: Jeesh, Jane. I think they're still sleeping. Do you want to have a breakfast date with me? The porridge is ready.

Jane: Yef!

A few moments later.

Me: Good oatmeal?

Jane: Yef. Me me!

Me: Holy, Jane. You finished.

Jane: Me! Me!

Me: You want more? Some of mine?

Jane: Yef!

I spoon out half of my breakfast (everything tastes better when it's someone else's). Commotion from upstairs. The stirring of feet.

Jane: Mummy!

She slides down from her seat. Runs to the stairs. Starts climbing

Me: Come on back. Leave Mummy alone for a few minutes.

Jane: (climbing) No, Doddy.

Me: Jane.

Jane: (climbing higher) No, Doddy!

Me: I'll give you my toast.

Jane: (stops. considering)

Me: With cream cheese and jam.

Jane: (climbing down) YEF!!

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