Jane's shiner

Jane was helping Erin with some things upstairs yesterday afternoon while I was at work. They were in the bedroom. Erin asked Jane to get her something from the bathroom.

While Jane was in the hallway, she must have been distracted by the cat.

"Oan!", Erin heard her yell (the cat's name is Joan).

Jane loves Joan. Joan can't stand Jane. Janey has a tendency to shriek when Joan is nearby. Their relationship is usually one of shrieking and fleeing. This must have been the case this particular time.

The cat's nearest escape (by Erin's reckoning, she didn't see it happen) was the stairs. Jane chased her down the first flight of four steps no problem. It was the long flight of 12 that she lost her footing on.

I shudder to think what it must have sounded like to Erin. To hear Jane shift in an instant from an exciting chase to a terrifying fall.

She was at the bottom by the time Erin found her. Both crying, I imagine. Jane already had a goose egg on her forehead and the beginnings of shiner. Erin frantically felt all of her limbs.

"Does it hurt here? How about here?" Jane had not a bruise, break or cut anywhere else but her big melon.

Jane has since told me the story many times. It always ends with a big smile.

"Mummy!" she says.

"Did Mummy pick you up at the bottom and make it better?"

"Mmm hmmm. Mummy."


dandelionfield said...

We know we will likely be telling similar stories regarding Elise. She already fell four stairs - thump, thump, thump, thump, Dannika recalls - and that was traumatic enough. For us, not her. It did not instill the slightest caution into our little bear.

Anonymous said...

Dannika is learning about blogging from her mother. She will type a sentence:

I am knitting a scarf for Elise.

Anonymous said...

sure glad everyone is ok... miss you guys.