Name That Baby 2

Six months into Erin's pregnancy and all this stuff still applies to our search for a name. Thanks to those who left name suggestions in the comments. If anyone else has an idea, just leave a comment on this post. (Remember the criteria: known, but not common; easy to spell.)

And, no. We still have no idea whether it's a girl or a boy. Erin thinks it's a boy. I think Erin is a girl.

For fun, check this out. It's an interactive chart which allows you to track the popularity (in the US) of any name. It goes back to the 1880s.

(hint: my favourite boy name was the 17th most popular name in the 1970s; the girl name was 41st in the 1940s.)


Dead Robot said...

V names are so underused:








Viking King/Queen!

Anonymous said...

Thor. Thor Bateman Atkinson. Known but uncommon; easy to spell.

Unknown said...

I hate you both.

Ok, Viking King/Queen I like.

Dead Robot said...

I'm just bitter that my name dropped off the scale in the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Well let me have Henry and you have Jane

you're missing the "I" in the middle.

how about Irene -- Greek for "peace" or Isaac -- Hebrew "he laughs"

(no investment here; my feelings are not affected either way :-)


just us said...

hmm maybe it will be boy... how about Edward?

Unknown said...

Wow. You're getting close with Edward. Henry was pushing for that a few weeks back after he went on a Thomas the Tank Engine binge.

As for Alice, why not check the ranking of that name in the 40s?