Overheard: nutritionist meets inquisitor

When Henry is feeling Older Brotherly, he refers to his sister as 'Sweetie.' All other times, she is a shrill, multi-syllabled 'Jaayaayne!' Here is a pre-breakfast conversation from this morning.

Jane: Koo-key.

Henry: No, Sweetie. We don't eat cookies for breakfast.

Jane: (tilting her head to one side) Why?

Henry: Because it's not a good way to start your day.

Jane: (tilting the other way) Why?

Henry: Because it's not noo-tri-shuss.

Jane: Why?

Henry: Because cookies don't have things that are good for our bodies.

Jane: Oh.

Slight pause.

Jane: Koo-key.


just us said...

priceless! See, there can be parental joy at 6.20 a.m. & before coffee.

a said...

haha! that's cute!

Anonymous said...

That boy needs some serious re-education :-). That's great! I would have never pegged Henri as a nutritionist.

Unknown said...

He's not, actually. It was more about justice than nutition. Just a few days earlier we had a loud discussion about why he couldn't have a handful of chocolate chips before breakfast.