retirement 3

I try not to wish away time, especially not with the kids. But my mind tends to wander to the idea of retiring to some little, old house in the Kennebecasis Valley.

I think what seems most appealing is the idea of having my wife back. I love my kids (repeat: LOVE MY KIDS), but they're hogging Erin. I keep telling them I saw her first. They don't seem to get the hint.

We'll take lots of road trips. Mostly day trips to it-doesn't-matter where. The fun will be the chatting in the car. We're good at that.


Anonymous said...

so THAT'S how you got almost 3 kids....Mmmhmmm

Tanya said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to wish the time away, but Greg & I talk about retirement all the time. Just to have time to be with each other, there are many days when we don't see each other until it's too late to even catch up on the day...Sad isn't? Life is just too busy! I would love for you guys to retire in the Valley by the way, then maybe we could see you!

Dead Robot said...

I was the last of 5 kids to leave the nest. Mom was lightning fast to de-nest the house: it was like the Hindenburg going up.

I understand your needs, though but let the kids savour home life. At least until they're 17 or so.