The trip in five points

1. Henry woke up on Day Four and decided he wanted to wear underwear. Henceforth, he was potty trained. Even at night! I'm calling it Henry's Working Vacation.

2. A 90-ish year-old woman approached Jane in a cafe in our hometown. With a sweet smile, she told my daughter, "I'd like to give you a smack!" I'm hoping she meant to say "kiss."

3. I hate air mattresses.

4. My Grandmother is wonderful.

5. The attendant on the flight from Toronto to Halifax gave me instructions on how to hold Jane during take off and landing. He kept referring to "the infant", and how important it was to support "the head."

A few minutes later, as Jane enjoyed a snack, Erin said, "The head seems to enjoy the popcorn."


Anonymous said...

Except for OUR air mattress... right?

Unknown said...

Obviously I'm not talking about YOUR air mattress, Karn.