The whole, carroty root

I have nothing specifically against dandelions. This time of year, I think they look kinda nice in the yard. Cheery. Yellow.

I do, however, love pulling them up. It's especially good fun in the spring after the rains. The soil is loose. The growth is fairly new.

You have to lift all of the leaves to get a good, strong hold. Then give it a firm yank. Do it right, and you can get most, if not all, of the thick, carroty root. So satisfying.

Last spring, I had the kids in the park near our old house in Saint John. The slide, teeter-totters et al were arranged on a bed of sand. While the kids played, I spotted what seemed like a medium-sized dandelion growing near the edge of the sand.

I gave it the gentlest tug and the whole bloody thing came up. I swear, that root had to be a foot and-a-half long.


Bronctoon said...

My neighbour has this old-fashioned weeding tool that she let me use one day. (has the handle of a hoe and a metal contraption on the end that firmly grasps the bottom of the weed while also pulling up). Good golly - I felt somehow vindicated for something pulling up all those "carroty" roots... I'm not sure what I was being vindicated for, though. I also felt like what I was doing couldn't have been legal for some reason.

The same thing happened when I pulled on a hair on my back once.

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Dead Robot said...

Jinkies, someone needs a girlfriend. I just lost my appetite.