Four now

Henry rolled over in bed this morning around 6:15.

Henry: What time do I turn four?

Me: Cornbread, you're four right now.

He jumed out of bed and propped himself up on sleepy legs. He looked down to his feet, then up, then back down.

Henry: Am I taller?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday big boy. I am sure you are taller at least a little bit!

Dead Robot said...

Happy B-day monkey man! Stay young! Trust me on this one!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a morning more than ten years ago that Jeremy came down the stairs amazed at how much bigger he was than the day before when he had been merely three!

We wise elders all duly noted the obvious change. Now he's a foot taller than his granny.

And today, Emma is turning SIX, in the car on her way to PEI for a holiday.

I wish I could see your big boy!