"The Pike Shark Eater"

Henry turns four tomorrow. Four! In honour of the occasion, I share with you a story he dictated to his mother a few days ago. It's for his library class teacher, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you read it.

One day, the Pike Shark Eater was eating his prey of sharks and squids. Suddenly, he saw an octopus he thought he could catch. He tried hard. He chased quickly and took speed. He took off down river like a tornado. He fled and tore down the river. He chases and chases and chases and, "Boom!" , he's in a flash. He catches him up and brings him back to his meal. He eats him all up. He's great. He grows big. The End.

Suspenseful, eh? Four!


Dead Robot said...

I thought the imagery loose and the timing vague.

Kidding. He's got a career at The National Post waiting.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Henry
We all honoured him in his absence at our big family bbq last evening

Anonymous said...

And my one year old daughter is perfecting ways of wriggling UNDER the gate at the top of the entry stairs in our apartment.

Good thing she has broad shoulders...

A future in break and entry, perhaps?

I am going to read Henry's story to Dannika: she'll get a kick out of it and perhaps get inspired.

But from my point of view, he's not headed for journalism, he's already too good. Sounds like good training ground for suspense writing and sci-fi movie scripts...