Five Star Service

After reading a book last night about chameleons, Henry transformed into Dr. Atkinson: the world's foremost expert in chameleons. Our house became a bed and breakfast he was staying in while visiting from his research station in Madagascar.

Me: Would you like a nightcap before retiring, Dr. Atkinson?

Henry: Yes, I would. What's a nightcap?

Me: It's a little drink before bed to help you sleep.

Henry: Does this bed and breakfast have cold water?

Me: Yes. Would you like it in a dinosaur cup?

Henry: That would be excellent.

We walk to the kitchen.

Me: This room serves as both our kitchen and dining room, Dr. Atkinson. This is where we'll be serving breakfast tomorrow morning.

Henry: It's very nice.

He puts down his glass.

Henry: I think I would like to go to bed now.

Me: This way to the stairs, Dr. Atkinson.

Henry: Can you carry me up?

Me: Of course. It's a service we offer all our guests.

I pick him up. Erin meets us on our way to the stairs.

Erin: Will you continue telling me about your chameleon research at tomorrow morning's breakfast, Dr. Atkinson?

Henry: It would be a pleasure.

I carry him up the stairs. We walk down the hall to his bedroom.

Me: I should tell you, Dr. Atkinson, we're a bit over booked tonight. You'll actually be sharing your room with a young lady.

Henry: Really? What's her name?

Me: Jane. A lovely woman. She's actually sleeping right now, so we'll have to be quiet.

I walk him into the room, place him on his bed, and tuck him in.

Me: Comfy?

Henry: Mmm hmm.

Me: Would you like me to lie beside you for a while, Dr. Atkinson?

Henry: That would be nice.

Henry hugs his stuffed dog. Eyes closed, his mouth pulled to a sleepy grin.

Henry: (sigh) This is a very nice bed and breakfast.


Dead Robot said...

I wish I was staying at that B&B when I was on Tse tse fly research back in the 70s.

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Call me an ambulance, I just overdosed on cute.