The garden: year one

We weren't going to put in a vegetable garden this year, seeing as it's our first summer and we have lots to do around the house/yard. But suddenly, there I was at the beginning of June, digging up a strip of sod behind our deck with dreams of beets and tomatoes dancing in my head.

Over the next several weeks, we built up the soil with some bagged stuff from Sobeys, and a nice load of 9-year old, composted manure from a local farm. We didn't put seeds into the ground until after the solstice, but then again, in the Maritimes they say not to plant until after the full moon in June.

Our meagre, first-year attempt is growing quite well. Here's an inventory:

-2 rows of Swiss chard (we've been eating this for a week or so)
-2 rows of beets (ditto on the greens. ate some the other day)
-2 rows radishes (Henry: "Hot!")
-3 rows peas (love 'em)
-2 rows carrots (obligatory)
-a whack of onions (Henry: "I hate onions!")
-big patch of garlic chives (I'm rarely seen without one sticking out of my teeth)
-3 sweet pepper plants
-a box with basil and cilantro

and, of course:

-2 tomato plants, transplanted to pots.


Anonymous said...

i have 7 tomato plants on the go.... 6 in garden and 1 transplanted into a pot. it's my first REAL garden.... *sigh* my bro-in-law says..."of course the girl from leamington has a ridiculous amount of tomatoes"

Unknown said...

Yes, you'll be the woman who gives away tomatoes all summer.