Me: killer of hares

I killed a snowshoe hare today.

There it was - hippity, hoppity - scurrying along in its beautiful, brown summer attire. It hopped in front of the car I was driving.

This is one of the reasons why I've been proud to not own a car for the last five years (I was driving a work vehicle today). I grew up in the country. Driving in the country, you kill a lot of cute things.

I hit a little cottontail rabbit with my first car within a week of buying it. I remember wondering if my need to get from Point A to Point B really trumped the bunny's need to be alive.

I also saw a red fox today. I didn't kill that.

I did, however, ride shotgun in my dad's car when he did kill a fox. He was driving me home from the airport one summer evening. We came up over a crest in the dark road and there it was: bright red fur with a fluffy, white-tipped tail, and thin legs tapering down to perfect black socks. As it darted across the road, it glanced up and had just enough time to think the word "crap."

Dad and I rode on in silence for a full minute.

Dad: That was a really pretty fox.


movita said...

I've never killed anything. Unless you count a man's will to live. (That sometimes happens when I date.)

Maybe if the hare had engaged Super Speed Mode the whole thing could have been avoided.

Unknown said...

Indeed. Super Speed Mode would have changed everything.

I believe this is the first time movita has ever written in the first person. Words Words is impressed.

Dead Robot said...

I ran over a possum or some such Florida state beast while on the interstate through Orlando. 20 minutes later, the rental car died on us, stranding us in a parking lot. Karma.

Once, city dweller SharkBoy witnessed a pigeon get run over. He said he will never forget the noise - cross between a pinata and a balloon.

It's not fun!

Anonymous said...

there are definitely more chances in the "country" for cute killings.... however... we were sitting at the light, Mavis/Dundas, in Mississauga awaiting green when a lovely fox scampered across the busy crosswalk ahead. Lovely fox avoided death that time; the light WAS green for him; apparently Loblaws bushes are quite chic for habitat.

Unknown said...

I thought we had an agreement with pigeons.

movita said...

movita is happy you approve.