Sweet Jane. Try again.

Henry woke up this morning feeling a bit upset. He realized he had slept the whole night without his best pal Creamy. Here's the conversation I heard tossed between beds.

Henry: I want him!

Erin: He's downstairs. Why don't you go get him?

Henry: Ooooooh!

Jane: Me!

Erin: Are you going to get Creamy for Henry?

Jane: Puppy!

I hear the patter of bare feet running down the hall, climbing down the stairs, then scampering around the downstairs. Several minutes later, she comes back empty handed.

Jane: No puppy.

Erin: You couldn't find him?

Jane: Puppy.

Erin: It was very nice of you to go and look for him for Henry. Wasn't that nice, Henry?

Henry: Thank-you, Jane. But it's just not good enough. You're just going to have to go back downstairs and look again until you find him.

Jane: Puppy?

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