Hormones can be fun! (not really)

*I have full permission to tell this story.

I walked upstairs the other morning to find Erin hanging up the phone from a longish call. She was weeping.

Me: What's wrong?

Her: (sob) It's nothing. (sob)

Me: Come on.. who were you talking to?

Her: The lady at the (sob) health department.

Me: Oh.. did she give you a hard time over the health card number?

I should interject to say we had a home birth with a midwife in a province that is only now in the early stages of recognizing midwifery. We've had to do things like getting a health card, birth certificate, etc ourselves.

Her: No. (sob) She gave it to me.

Me: Then, what's wrong?

Her: (blows nose) It's just... she was so nice!! (sob)

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Tanya said...

Oh you gotta love being a woman with all those hormones!! Poor Erin...