Erin is heartless

Me: Do you realize it's been nearly 9 months since Murph died?

Erin: Has it been that long?

Me: Yeah.

Short, thoughtful pause.

Erin: Good-old Murpha-girl.

Me: I know.

Erin: I miss her so much.

Me: Me too.

Another pause.

Me: I think I'm ready to love again.

Erin: We're having a baby in a week and a half. Save your love for that thing.


movita said...

I think I kinda luf Erin.

Unknown said...

She is rather luf-able.

Tanya said...

I love Erin! She is sooo wise! We bought another puppy about two months before Annie was born.....DON'T DO IT!!! It just adds more insanity to an already insane part of your life! I wish Erin had been here then to tell the thing that is coming:)