Jane would like you to know...

Jane: Chop down!

Me: Something was chopped down? What?

Jane: Boosh!

Me: The bushes at the front of our house?

Jane: Yah!

Me: Which ones?

Jane: (frowning, wriggling her fingers) Picky.

Me: The picky ones that we all hated?

Jane: Yap.

Me: Who cut them down?

Jane: Wayne!

Me: Our neighbour, Wayne?

Jane: Mmm hmm. Men!

Me: And some men helped him?

Jane: Two.

Me: Two men?

Jane: Mmm hmm. Truck.

Me: They came in a truck?

Jane: Blue!

Me: A blue truck?

Jane: Yas. (pause, thinking) Loud!

Me: Was it loud? They must have had a noisy saw.

Jane: Yas. Chop down.


movita said...

Wait. Men chopped down part of your yard? And only Jane has expressed concern/glee? Dude, it's hard to know what to say...

Anonymous said...

At least they didn't spray said prickly bushes with toxic poison...or did they? did Jane mention anything about that?