That kind of dad

We attended a birthday party this weekend for a little girl who was turning one. A couple of hours in, I slunk my way to the empty kitchen. I kept a keen eye on the door while I shoved handfuls of cracked pepper and olive oil Triscuits in my mouth.

A little girl walked in. She was maybe 3-years old. She carried a toy that had just been unwrapped in the still-ongoing mayhem of gift opening. It was stuck to the package with Fort Knox Security-style plastic ties.

The girl looked up at me with imploring eyes. She lifted the toy towards my Triscuit-filled face. I took it from her, then fished around in my pocket for my jack knife. Ah, yes. I remembered it.

Four quick snips later, the toy was free. She smiled, took it from my hands, and ran back to the party.

Me: Aaaaaand... back to the Triscuits.

I'm that kind of dad.

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movita said...

Those Triscuits are like crack. The host of that party was a pusher, you were the victim. 'Nuff said.