They egged my house

Seriously. I woke up this morning and found egg all over the front of my house. To use some stronger-than usual language for tomato transplants: I was mighty ticked off.

I walked down the street to see if anyone else's house was hit.

Nope. Just random us.

I filled a bucket with hot water and vinegar, grabbed a j-cloth and headed out to scrub the window. Henry grabbed his own bucket and followed along to help.

I was so grumpy. Too grumpy. Everything made me mad. I kept snapping at Henry for slopping water all over the place.

Then, I thought of Bruce McCulloch from Kids in the Hall. Specifically, his open letter to the guy who stole his bike tire.

I felt much better. And Henry really was being a great helper. Within minutes, we were laughing.

Then we had scrambled eggs for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

scraped off the house?...!

Anonymous said...

You are better man than me :)

Anonymous said...

I swear, it wasn't me! -mp