Rainy Day Pedestrian: A Haiku

I wanna meet the
guy who splashed me with his car.
I'd like to punch him.


Yansidara said...

i can deny it, you made me chuckle outloud, with your haiku.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...when I think of Sydney and being splashed by a passing car, I think of Brookland St. Not a good place to be during/after heavy rain or a good snow melt. Didn't happen to be there, did it?

Unknown said...

Jordan: Nah, it was Alexandra St.

Yansidara: Took me a minute
to recognize your Haiku.
(I'm not very smart.)

Anonymous said...

pretty sure "with your haiku" only equals 4 syllables. man, you ARE dumb :-)

just us said...

now, now Dave. Poetry will get you nowhere.