It was an accident. I swear!

Erin washed. I dried. The kids finished their desserts.

I flicked my towel in mid air.


I make a very pleasing whip sound, if I do say so myself.

Erin: I used to hate it when my brother did that to me. I never could get him back. I could do the twisty twirl, but the towel never cracked for me.

Me: (twisting the towel) I never found twisting it made much difference...

I gave it the tiniest flicks.


Erin: OW! Owowowowowowowowow!

Me: I am so sorry.

Henry: Show me how!

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Tanya said...

Greg used to crack me with a twisted towel and it hurt like the devil. UNTIL one day his Mom caught him and gave him a vicious tongue lashing...funny he never did it again. Sometimes you just gotta love mother-in-laws :)