At the very least, it's downward-facing.

I do not pretend to be a yoga master. Or even to be very good at it, really. But I've taken a few classes, and I find five or ten minutes in the morning, even if I'm being climbed on and yelled at, tends to make me feel a bit more human.

This morning, I went through a bunch of cycles of my sunrise salutation (a pre-set series of positions to help start the day). Every time I got to the downward-facing dog position, Henry turned my back and legs into a bridge over which he marched his toy dinosaurs. Then he marched them under me, which was funny, and forced me to the hold the pose longer than I would normally.

Henry: I think you should call this Downward-facing Dino Bridge.

Henry had moved on to something else by the next time I got to downward-facing dog. Instead, Jake, who has a wonderful knack of knowing exactly when someone has placed something as comfortable as a yoga mat on the ground, came out of nowhere, and flopped right under my face.

Me: (staring into a smiling doggie face) No, I think 'dog' is appropriate.

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