Big Questions. Big Answer.

The kids and I walked this afternoon around the lake at our local park (yes, that one). The sun shone warm on our faces, but the wind blew a chill through our jackets.

Henry: I hate this wind. (shuddering) Who controls the wind?

Me: That's a good question. Some people think there's a god who controls things like that.

Henry: What do other people think?

Me: Other people say no one controls the wind. That wind comes from the heat of the sun, the cool of the water, the bumps and ridges of the earth, and a whole lot of other things working together.

Henry: (thinking)

Me: And some people think a god controls the sun, water, and earth in order to make wind.

Henry: (more thinking).

Me: What do you think?

Henry: I think I want to play hide and seek.