My boy.

We stayed with friends for a few days on/in PEI. They just returned from a visit to Quebec City; Friend Stef showed Henry the photos she took at the big aquarium.

Stef: Do you know what this is?

Henry: (scrutinizing a fuzzy picture) No.

Stef: It's a jellyfish.

Henry: (nodding in recognition) Oh, yeah!

Stef: Do you know what a jellyfish is?

Henry: It's an invertebrate with stinging tentacles.

Stef: (mouth agape) You know what an invertebrate is?

Henry: Yes. A creature with no backbone.

Stef: (mouth agape) !

This is the same boy who stares at me as if I am speaking Latin when I ask him to clean up his Lego.

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Decadent Housewife said...

Try the latin - it might scare him into cleaning up the legos.