Salty Peanuts? Simple Pleasures? Snake Pimples? Secret Pelican?

Erin brought me home a ball cap the other day from the second-hand store. It's fabulous. Bright red, with the letters "S" and "P" written in bold, black print. Only problem, it's much, much too small for my huge head.

Luckily (and unluckily), Henry has inherited my huge head. (There's an image. Did it come in a box?)

It fits him perfectly. And, it looks great on him. Very little-boy like. Which is appropriate.

So: what does SP stand for?

We've gone through several ideas. For the a while, it was Super Penguins. Today at lunch, we decided it's Shark Punchers.

Awesome, right? What could be tougher than a team of dudes who are willing to punch a shark? (They also have bats)

Any other ideas?


Jordan said...

I've been trying, but for some reason I can't think of anything for SP that isn't just wrong.

You know, that Shark Punchers thing could be the next big thing. I can see it now: a cartoon, a line of toys, fame and fortune.

Decadent Housewife said...

Super Precocious - judging by your other posts regarding Henry. However, for a little boy, Shark Punchers will be pretty hard to beat. :)

Unknown said...

Starting pitcher sounds about right