Wisdom and perspective

My 81-year-old neighbour stepped out his backdoor to visit me yesterday as I shoveled the 40 centimetres of snow that had fallen in the last day.

Roy: So, they gave you the old heave ho, did they?

Me: It's not 100%, but we're pretty sure.

Roy: (nodding) Hmph.

I shoveled for another minute.

Roy: Well, suck it up. You've got three beautiful kids.

Me: (pausing mid shovel) I will. And I know.

Roy: It's damn cold out here. I'm going in.


auntie said...

reminds me: how's that kids' book coming along?

Jordan said...

Hang in there.

Bojan said...

You are a way better man than me. If I had that shovel in my hands...

Unknown said...

Auntie: Very well, thanks.

Jordan: I am!

Bojan: I hope I didn't give the impression I didn't appreciate what he had to say. That's just how he talks. That's the Roy equivalent of a big, warm hug.