You're welcome, Nature.

The kids were fantastic sports on the long-haul drive yesterday from Sydney to Charlottetown. It was mostly without incident. Mostly.

Henry: I have to poo.

Erin: (reading a sign indicating the next town is 39 kilometres away) Can you hold it?

Henry: Yup. (suddenly squirming, leaning forward) Nope. Dad!

Me: No worries, Cornbread. We'll find you a spot.

Erin skillfully navigates us off the main highway onto a side road, and eventually onto an out-of-the-way lane in the bush.

Henry: I'm going to poop in the woods? Cool!

I lead him from the car to a nice quiet spot. I hold his arms as he hunches over.

Henry: (looking me in the eye, speaking between held breaths) This is really valuable for the soil.


Anonymous said...

takes me back to when my parents used to carry the P.O.T. for such emergencies!

Anonymous said...

I remember Isaac's first pee in the woods. It was last summer on a Sunday drive near Queenstown... it was all he could talk about for days. And the last time he successfully peed standing up. Aren't the woods grand?