(It is always a shark)

Henry and I took a long road trip this weekend to and from Prince Edward Island. It gave us many, many hours to play his favourite car game: What animal am I thinking of?

Me: Is this animal a shark?

Henry: Dad! You can't ask that as your first question!

Me: But, is it a shark?

Henry: Yes!

Me: OK, my turn. I'm thinking of an animal. What is it?

Henry: Does it have fur or feathers?

Me: Fur.

Henry: What colour of fur?

Me: Brown.

Henry: What sound does it make?

Me: Sort of a 'chit-chit-chit' chatter.

Henry: Where does it live?

Me: In trees.

Henry: Is it a squirrel?

It is TOTALLY a squirrel.

Henry/Me: Woooo!

Henry: OK, my turn. (pause) OK, I'm thinking of an animal.

Me: Is it a shark?

Henry: Dad!


Bojan said...

I am thinking of a shark, too. Specifically, of two shark stakes in my fridge which I am going to smother in lemon sauce...

Bojan said...

Steak, steak not stake... I have been reading to much Bosnian historical literature and stakes play quite a prominent role which I' rather not discuss on a family blog...

Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks for the smile.

SharkBoy said...

I love your little Henry.. hehe