Take me dancing tonight?

It's just before supper. Jane is sick and grumpy. Alice is sick and grumpy. Henry is feeling great and announcing it at the top of his lungs. Erin, despite her grace, beauty and sexiness, looks demolished.

Erin: I was doing fine until about three o'clock. Then the exhaustion hit me, like - wham!

Me: Like, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?


Erin: Not even a little bit.


Tanya said...

oh poor Erin...I feel her pain, it is like that here. But Dave, I gotta tell you I love you sense of humor. I laughed out loud when I read this...your blog often makes my day, thanks for the much needed laugh.

just us said...

What's up with health these days? I have two snotty-nosed kids, one of whom is wheezing and on high asthma alert. And a fella who is back in bed with mild pneumonia - and that might take a few weeks to clear. At least, everyone is sleeping well - which makes (almost) all the difference.

Isn't spring supposed to be gentle?