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(Alice to English)

Dahdaaaah: Father

Bhumma: Mother

Daw: Dog

Tat: Cat

Burr: Bird

Ah: The rest of the dictionary


Dead Robot said...

Dahaaaah ah ah ah burr ah ah ah tat.

Unknown said...

Hey. This is a family site. Let's keep it clean.

Unknown said...

So is it possible that she's predicting Erin will be the next Buddha? I mean, I realize she's getting her d and m sounds mixed up...but we should keep an eye on that.

Decadent Housewife said...

She's a smart one - got all the important words first. BTW - found your blog by googling about tomatoes. See we grew up in the same backyard.

Unknown said...

I used to have a site tracker installed, but it mostly told me that I got a lot of traffic from people googling about tomatoes, and when the best time was to transplant them.

And some of them stayed on for the useless family conent! Hurray!