The right word

As I drove the third-to-last nail into the frame of our new deck this weekend, my hammering technique got a little sloppy.

Whack! Whack! Whump! ("Whump" being the closest spelling I can find for the sound of a hammer hitting flesh.)

Me: (sharp intake of breath)


I need a word. A good, sharp word to express how much this hurts.

I think I may swear. Yes, I'm sure of it.

This is well beyond 'damn.' 'Frig' just seems silly. The other 'f' word is so crude: more of an angry word than a hurt word. Could we be in 's' word territory? I think we might.

Wait. Are the kids nearby?

No. They're inside having a snack.

I'm going to say the 's' word. Not loud or anything. Just barely above a whisper. Such a pleasing, soft 'sh' followed by a precision 'it.'

Yeah. The 's' word.

Here goes.


Me: (barely above a whisper) Shit.

The sound of work stops. The two guys working with me drop their tools and turn to me.

Guy One: Did you hit your finger?

Guy Two: Are you ok?


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