That's how babies learn

Alice approached the bucket where Henry keeps his dinosaurs. I can only describe it as an old fireman's bucket: tall and narrow. On shaky legs, she hoisted herself up to look inside. There in the bottom were two, tiny toy dinosaurs.

Her eyes widened. She plunged her 13 month-old arm into the bucket's depths. When the full length of her arm proved too short, she went further, and shoved in her shoulder and a bit of her neck.

Still too short.

She lifted one foot to help her get atop the bucket, and was teetering back and forth on the other.

The fall was inevitable. Luckily, she landed on her bottom. Her brow came together into a frustrated 'V'.

She looked at the bucket. It had fallen over beside her. Her brow relaxed, she grabbed the bucket, and turned it upside down...

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just us said...

I still use that method to learn a thing or two.