In which I ask the dumbest question ever

I came home from work yesterday to find the house in chaos. The kids were wild, and Erin had been on her feet the entire day.

Me: Take the dog for a walk. I'll finish supper.

Erin: Are you sure?

Me: Of course. Just go.

She leaves. And then Jane has to go to the bathroom, which she is mostly capable of doing herself.

After a few minutes, I check on her. She needs a bit of help, so I clean her up, and help her with her underwear (why is girl underwear so silly and unpractical?).

Me: I need to check on supper. Can you get your pants on and wash your hands?

Jane: Yes.

A few minutes pass. Henry is so busy yacking at me that I lose track of how long Jane has been gone.


Alice: Ah! Ah hahaha!

I walk into the dining room to find Alice waving the toilet brush around like a sword.

Me: Oh, yucky! Alice! No no no! Let me take that.

I do. She weeps and wails. I pick her up to take her to the bathroom to clean her up. I walk in to find Jane staring into the toilet.

Me: Jane... where are your pants?

Jane: (pointing in the bowl) In there.

Me: Jane... why did you put your pants in the toilet?

Jane: I forget.

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Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks for bringing back those early days.